“Samana-Suttam” or “Sayings of Sramanas/Jain seers” is a collection of 756 Gathas, divided into four parts: (1) Part ‘A’ “Jyotirmukh” (the mouth of flame); (2) Part ‘B’ “Moksha-Marg” (Path of liberation); (3) Part ‘C’ “Tattvadarshan” (Elements of Philosophy) and (4) Part ‘D’ – “Syadavada” (Relativism).

Part A Jyotirmukh contain 15 chapters dealing with 15 topics – Mangala – Sutra, Jina-Shashan-Sutra, Samgha Sutra, Nirupana-Sutra, Samsara-Chakra-Sutra, Karma-Sutra, Mithyatva-Sutra, Samsara-Chakra-Sutra, Karma-Sutra, Mithyatva-Sutra, Rag-Parihar-Sutra, Dharma-Sutra, Samyama-Sutra, Aparigraha-Sutra, Ahimsa-Sutra, Apramada-Sutra, Shiksha-Sutra and Atma-Sutra. It incorporates 191 selected Gathas. This part of the book is, more or less, of an introductory character yet it speaks volumes about the basic tenets of Jainism.

In part A (1) Mangala-Sutra (Sayings of Auspicion). The most important mantra (cherisnma) of Jainas name Panch-Namokar-Mantra, commonly known as “Namokar-Mantra”, with its corollaries or ancillaries, is given. It also contains the connotations and implications of “-Panch – Paramesthis” (Five Paragons/Supermost – deities of). Read More...