|| PART ‘B’ ||

Like the Preliminary note on Part ‘A’, the preliminary note of part ‘B’ of the book, is also being given hereby. This would certainly facilitate those readers, who are quite new to the subject, in easily and correctly understanding the implications of the subjects, included therein.

1. Gems-trio : Right faith, Right knowledge & Right conduct.
Moksha Marg is the largest of all the four parts and contains 396 Gathas, divided into 18 chapters.

1. Moksha-marg or the Path of Salvation/way to liberation deals with Gem’s trio (Three jewels – Right belief, Right knowledge and right conduct), as it is constituted by these three “Right belief”, according to Yashstilaka, “is the prime cause of salvation; just as the foundation is the mainstay of a palace; good luck that of beauty; life that of bodily enjoyment; royal power that of victory; culture that of nobility, and policy that of Government.” Right knowledge and Right conduct are acquired through Right-belief. Though they are related, as cause and effect, yet they are born simultaneously, just as light comes with the flame. Read More...