|| PART ‘A’ ||

(Before giving the text and the English rendering of part ‘A’ of the book, by way of introducing the subject we consider it necessary to give the back ground and briefly explain the implications and significance of various topics dealt with therein, in common parlance, - without entering in to the subtle technicalities thereof. Hence, in order to facilitate and acquaint a certain section of the readers with the subject in hand reassures who are not well versed in vainology and its terminology – the following preliminary editorial note is being given.

(1). Object of human life: Message of Namokar – Mantra.

Part ‘A’ named Jyotir much is introductory and it deals with the fundamentals of Jainism. This part tells one what jainism stands for what are the aims and objects of human life and how it can be best utilized. Read More...