Shri Digambar Jain Atishaya Kshetra Kundalgiri (Koniji), Patan

Is Atishaya Kshetra (Place of Miracles)

About Koniji :

Shri Kundalgiri (Koniji) Atishaya Kshetra is situated near Hiran River in the valleys of Bhander-Kemor mountain range, the Vindhyachal mountain range in Jabalpur District of M.P. This Kshetra is about 1000 years ancient and is present in midst of natural surroundings. The effect of Kalchuri Periodic Art of 10th-11th century is clearly visible in the art of temple and the idols present here. The temples of this Kshetra have restored the historicity & art in its usual form and they deliver the message of self-development to all living beings.

The ruins and fragments of Jain temples available here are so much in quantity that it is difficult to find out the exact number of temples which existed here in past. According to one report the 13 Jinalayas & temples do existed here in the year 1934 but up to 1944 only 9 Jinalayas & temples were left.

The 10 temples are constructed here in one compound only and 11th temple exists on one hill in north direction of the Kshetra.

Atishaya: – The carvings of ‘Nandishwar Dveep’ & ‘Sahastrakoot Chaityalaya’ are quite artistic and miraculous. According to Pandit Balbhadra Jain it is because of their artistic style they have become unique. No other Jinalaya is made in this artistic style at any other place. It was few years ago only that Gods of heaven used to come at this Kshetra on ‘Ashtanhika Festival’ and use to offer their prayers on this occasion. The shower of saffron also occurs here on this occasion and the whole environment get filled with fragrance of saffron. The 7th temple of this Kshetra in which Sahastrakoot Jinalaya exists, is famous as Sanctum Temple (Garbha Mandir). Even after the presence of 2 ventilators & 2 gates in this temple one feels cool in summers & warm in winters.

The Chaaritra Chakravarti Acharya Shanti Sagar Ji Sasangh & Mahamanishi Sant ‘Shullak Ganesh Prasad Ji Varni’ are also were deeply impressed by the serene & peaceful environment of this Teerth Kshetra. Even the Yogiraj Poojya Acharya Vidya Sagar Ji of present times was also pleased by peaceful environment of this Kshetra.

The History of Sad Ruin of Koni: – After seeing the ruins & broken fragments scattered over this area it is clear that this Kshetra would have been flourishing in ancient times. But now one gets ashes only after digging.

The nearby village – the ‘Gadaghat’ was one of the center of Mass-revolt against Britishers during the first revolution of year 1857. At this place only the birtishers faced their defeat for quite no of times. At this the Britishers attacked Gadaghat Village after getting equipped with Cannons & other weapons with huge army. In this attack various freedom fighters were killed. The Britishers took severe revenge from the people. The women & even the children were shot down by British Army when they came in front of them and moreover many villagers were also burned by them. The huge idols of huge Jain Temples were sent to Patan and the Koni city was burned & the local residents of this place never came back to Koni city again.

Main Temple & Idol :

In this Kshetra 10 spired temples were constructed together in single compound only & most of the idols belonging 10th-11th century are installed in these temples.

The 8th temple is the main temple in which the 4 feet high Padmasan miraculous idol of principal deity Bhagwan Parshvanath surmounted with seven serpent hoods is installed. The idol is made of white stone. Due to the effectively of idol the mind of devotee gets filled with great peace & indescribable joy. This idol is also called as ‘Vighnahar Parshvanath’. It is said that problems of person get solved if the person offers his prayers devotionally to ‘Vighnahar Parshvanath’. The 7th sanctum temple is famous for its air-conditioned miracle. The unique Sahastrakoot Jinalaya, which is also famous for its artistic style, exists in this temple only. All the 8 Panels (slabs) are carved on octagon shaped platform & the sum of idols on this is 1008.

The antique magnificent artistic style (carving) of Nandishwar Dveep is established in the 10th temple.

Temple Kind of & Timings :

Digambar : – from 6 in the morning to 10 in the night.

Other Temples :

The magnificent Trimurti temple was constructed here because of inspiration of Acharya Vidya Sagar Ji. The 7 feet high pleasant Khadgasan idols of Bhagwan Adinath, Bhagwan Bharat & Bhagwan Bahubali are installed in this temple. The temple of such type is first in M.P. This is second numbered temple of this Kshetra. In the first temple the idol of Bhagwan Mahaveer Swami; in third temple the idol of Bhagwan Bahubali; in fourth temple the idol of Bhagwan Shantinath & Chandraprabhu; in fifth temple the idol of Bhagwan Adinath; in sixth temple the idol of Bhagwan Parshvanath & in ninth temple the Chaubeesee carvings on stone slab is installed. 11th temple is situated on hill in north direction of this Kshetra.

Natural Scenario :

Kundalgiri (Koniji) Kshetra is situated in the midst of pleasant & natural environment of hilly area on the banks of Hiran River. The surroundings of this Kshetra are filled with natural beauty.

Annual Gatherings :

The ‘Maha Mastakabhishek’ Festival is organized every year after ‘Dashlakshan Parva’ (Festival). Dates are decided by the Kshetra Committee every year for this festival.

Facilities :

4 Dharmashalas well equipped with all the facilities are available here. The food and beds are also available.

Means of approach :

By Road: –The buses are available for all the places for the Bus Stand situated at distance of 1 km from the Kshetra.Buses & Taxis are available from Jabalpur, Damoh & Patan to Kshetra.

Train: – After reaching to Jabalpur or Damoh Railway Station one gets buses & taxis for Koniji Kshetra.

Airport: – Dumna Airport Jabalpur – 40 km

Nearby Places :

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The world famous Bhedaghat, Bandakpur, Bagdari Fall of Hindu religion are worth seeing. The huge waterfall & temple of Chaushatha Jogni are on the Bhedaghat of Narmada River. The Hindu Teerth Jageshwar Dham is in Bandakpur Village of Damoh District.

Other Information

Shri Digambar Jain Atishaya Kshetra Kundalgiri (Koniji)

Gram – Koni Kalan, Taluka – Patan,

District – Jabalpur (M.P.) Pin – 483113

How to Travel:

By Road: –The buses are available for all the places for the Bus Stand situated at distance of 1 km from the Kshetra.Buses & Taxis are available from Jabalpur, Damoh & Patan to Kshetra.

Train: – After reaching to Jabalpur or Damoh Railway Station one gets buses & taxis for Koniji Kshetra.

Airport: – Dumna Airport Jabalpur – 40 km

How to Travel:
Nearby City :

Jabalpur 36 km

Damoh 70 km

Katangi 28 km

Shahpura Bhitoni 26 km

Other Details:
Kalyanak Kshetra