Shri Shouripur – Bateshwar Digambar Jain Siddha Kshetra, Agra (U.P.)

Shouripur is Siddha Kshetra (Place of Salvation).

Bateshwar is Atishaya Kshetra (Place of Miracles).

About Shouripur Siddha Kshetra:

    Shouripur is an ancient Siddha Kshetra situated on the banks of River Yamuna. It is

Kalyanaka place of 22nd Teerthankara ‘Bhagwan Neminath’. It is related to the ‘Garbha’ & ‘Janma’ Kalyanaka of Bhagwan Neminath and here ‘Shri Supratishtha Muni’ got ‘Kevalgyan’ (Supernatural Knowledge) and ‘Muni Shri Yama’, ‘Shri Dhanya’ & ‘Shri Vimlasut’ attained salvation here. In this way Shouripur is sacred place being Kalyanaka Bhoomi and Siddha Kshetra also. This land became sacred because of arrival of ‘Bhagwan Adinath’, ‘Neminath’, ‘Parshvanath’ and ‘Bhagwan Mahaveer’s’ ‘Samavsharan’. According to Mahapurana & Harivansha Purana the Shouripur has remained famous & prosperous city in ancient times. This city was established by the brilliant Prince ‘Shoor’, the son of King ‘Narpati’ of Yaduvansh.

The ‘Andhak Vrishni, the king of Shouripur had 10 sons. The eldest among these ten was ‘Samudra Vijaya’ & the youngest was ‘Vasudev’. The ‘Kunti’ & ‘Madri’ were two daughters of Andhak Vrishni.

Bhagwan Neminath (Arishtanemi) the 22nd Teerthanakara was the son of ‘Samudra Vijaya’ and Shri ‘Krishna’ & ‘Balram’ were sons of Shri ‘Vasudev’. Kunti & Madri were married to the King ‘Pandu’ of Hastinapur and whose sons were ‘Karna’ & five ‘Pandavas’. Karna, Udishthar, Bhim & Arjun were sons of Kunti and Nakul & Sahdev were sons of Madri.

Later on due to the fear of invasion by ‘Jarasandha’, the king of ‘Magadha’, all the ‘Yadavas’ left Shouripur & Mathura and they shifted towards south and started residing in ‘Dwarika’ Nagar near the sea. Shri Krishna & Balram are referred as ‘Shouri’ in ancient times because of their relation with the Shouripur.

Acharya Lokchandra, the Guru of famous scholar of philosophy – Acharya Prabhachandra, also belonged to this Kshetra. It is said that the Acharya Prabhachandra wrote the famous text ‘Prameya Kamal Martand’ here, which is supposed a great text on ‘Jain Nyaya’. The ruins of this place were investigated by famous historian Colonel Tad, General Cunningham & Carlyle during 19th century and proved that Shouripur was wealthy & flourishing city in ancient times. Lot of gems & currency has been found here and this fact has been mentioned in so many books. The seat of Digamber Jain Bhattarakas was present here up to 19th century and the peoples were deeply affected by their religious teachings, speeches & acquisitions.

The miraculous & impressive idol of Bhagwan Ajitnath is installed as principal deity in the main altar of the temple. This idol reverenced in V.S. 1224 by ‘Shresthi Jalhan’ – the father of ‘Aalha & Udal’.

The 4 feet high standing idol of Bhagwan Shantinath is installed in one of altar present in sanctum of the temple. The 3 feet high Padmasanastha black colored idol of Bhagwan Neminath is installed in another room (part) of the temple and it quite pleasant in seeing. Various other ancient & new idols are also worth being seen.

Main Temple and Idol :

Ancient Shouripur slowly & slowly got declined and only ruins are left here. The various Digambar Jain Temples established in Shouripur are the only symbols of historicity present in Shouripur. The ‘Adi Mandir’ was constructed here in year 1667 on the order of Bhattaraka Vishva Bhushan.

Baruva Matha: – It is the most ancient temple of Shouripur, which is constructed on a platform. The quite magnificent Black stone’s Khadgasana idol of principal deity Bhagwan Neminath was reverenced in Veer Nirvan Samvat 2480. This idol is 8 feet high. There is a spire made of stone above the idol and behind idol there is an artistic halo is present carved in stone. On the feet base (Charan Peeth) the two lions are constructed facing each other and in between these two there is an image of Conch shell.

In Yadav Jains, there is a tradition of lightening of ‘Diya’ on Kartik Shukla 14 here whenever there is death of any Yadav Jain takes place. Among Vaishnav Yadav Vanshi’s this ‘Diya’ is lighted in Bateshwar on waters of Yamuna River.

Shankha Dhwaj Mandir: – This temple is constructed on the second story. There are 4 altars present in the sanctum of this temple. In central altar idol of principal deity Bhagwan Neminath are installed. There are two idols of 11th – 12th century installed in this temple and the idols of Bhagwan Parshvanath, Bhagwan Chandraprabhu & Bhagwan Vimalnath reverenced in V.S. 1357 (I. S. 1300) are collectively installed in the second altar of this temple. Many other artistic ancient idols are also installed here.

Panch Mathi: – On the left hand side of Shankha Dhwaj Mandir the ancient Tonks & spires (umbrellas) are constructed in one ground which is surrounded by walls from all sides. This place is called as Panch Mathi. The foot images of Muni ‘Yama’ & Muni ‘Dhanya’ are installed here.

About Bateshwar Atishaya Kshetra :

   When the land of Shouripur was getting washed away by the waters of river Yamuna became more ruined then Bhattaraka Jinendra Bhushanji got constructed one huge temple and Dharmashala at Bateshwar. This temple was constructed on a ‘Ghat’ (Bathing & Landing place on the bank of a river) developed by king Badan Singh of Bhadavar state at that time in V.S. 1838. At present two stories of this temple are below the level of ground. The very artistic Padmasanath 5 feet high black colored miraculous idol of Bhagwan Ajitnath, which was brought from Mahoba, is installed here. This idol was got reverenced on Monday of Vaishakh Krishna 7 in V.S. 1224 in the Primal state by the ‘Shravak Shrestha Jalhan’ the father of ‘Aalha – Udal’, the great warriors. A story is popular here related to this temple. It is said that once the king of Bhadavar enquired about the date from Bhattaraka Jinendra Bhushan and unknowingly he told that it is full moon night but actually it was no moon night. When Bhattaraka Jinendra Bhushan realized his mistake he hanged a bronze metal plate in the sky with the help of power of Mantra. This bronze metal used to shine like a moon and looked like a moon up to distance of 24 miles. Next day Bhattaraka Jinendra Bhushan told the truth to king and king felt delighted that such great scholar also resides in his state. King of Bhadavar requested for accepting some reward, firstly Bhattaraka denied all rewards but on more request he asked for the piece of land for constructing Jain Temple. King became ready to provide a piece of land but due to pressure of opponents of Jain religion the piece of land was made available in between the Yamuna River. Bhattarakji accepted and he got established the sacred & Mantrified huge slabs of mountain in the middle part of the river and got constructed exquisite temple. This temple is excellent example of ancient architecture because its 2 stories are below the level of ground and 2 stories is visible above the ground.

The miraculous idol of Bhagwan Ajitnath is installed here and lots of stories about the miracles of this idol are quite popular here. It is said that this idol arrived here from Mahoba by sitting in a palanquin (Palki).

Natural Scenario :

The Shouripur – Bateshwar is the ancient place situated on the bank of Yamuna River.

Bateshwar is a village and is Panchayat Headquarter.

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Other Temples :

According to archeologists this Kshetra is quite flourishing. Even today the wealth of Shouripur is hidden inside mountains & hills. After colonel Tad & Carlyle, the Archeological Department also done investigation at this place and place was excavated and various mythological ruins from ‘Mahabharat’ to ‘Maurya’, ‘Kushan’ & ‘Harappa’ ages were found here. The ruins and things found here are related to more or less to Jainism. This proves that this place has remained the religious center of Jainism from the very beginning. The things found during excavations are kept in Digamber Jain Mandir of Bateshwar and also in Museum for exhibition.

Annual Gatherings :

Nirvanotsav (Salvation Anniversary) of Bhagwan Shri Ajitnath – Chaitra Shukla 5

Annual Fair – From Kartik Shukla 14 to Magh Sheersh Krishna

Magnificent Rath Yatra & Kalashabhishek is organized on both the occasions.

Facilities :

Dharmshala at Bateshwar has 50 rooms. Mess facility is available, Items like utensiles, bed, tent etc. are available.

Dharmshala at Shouripur (Under construction) 15 rooms.

Tourist Bungalow of U.P. Government is also present in Bateshwar.

Means of approach :

By Road: –Bus at 8 AM is available for going to the Kshetra from the M. D. Jain Temple of Agra.

Agra is world famous tourist center. Taxies & Buses from Electric House Bus Stand of Agra are available for Bateshwar.

Train: –Agra 72 km, Shikohabad 22 km. Taxi & Buses are also available from here.

Airport: – Agra

Nearby Places :

Agra: – Tajmahal, Red Fort

Famous Jain Temples of Agra –(i) Tajganj, (ii) Bhagwan Sheetalnath Mandir, near Jama Masjid & (iii) Panchayati Digambar Jain Bara Mandir of Moti Katra.

Other Information

Digambar Jain Mandir Bateshwar

Place & Post – Bateshwar, District – Agra (U.P.) Pin – 283104

How to Travel:

Road Route:Agra is world famous tourist center. Taxies & Buses from Electric House Bus Stand of Agra are available for Bateshwar.

Rail Route: Agra 72 km, Shikohabad 22 km. Taxi & Buses are also available from here.

Airport :Agra

How to Travel:
Nearby City :

Agra (Via Fatihabad) 70 km

Kampilji 154 km

Firozabad (Via Shikohabad) 45 km

Marsalganj (Via Shikohabad) 44 km

Shikohabad 22 km

Other Details:
Atishay Kshetra