Shri Devgarh Teerth

    Devgarh is situated on the banks of river Belwa, about 33 kms from Lalitpur. The river encirles Devgarh from three sides. It has been referred to as Lauchcchagira in a ninth century inscription of the King Bhoja. This temple complex is constructed on the site of an old fort known as Karnali Fort. There are many temples inside, more than forty, all constructed with the remains of old temples.

The main idol is of Bhagwan Shantinath which is over 12.3 feet in a reddish coloured stone. It is believed that this place was named as Devagadh in the 12th or the 13th century. This city was named as Devagadh because it is believed that gods constructed it. There are many ancient idols of various artistry. That is also a reason why it was named Devagadh. On stone inscriptions and pillars of this place, there are inscriptions belonging to the period from the eight to the fifteenth century. Works of art seem to belong to a period earlier than the Gupta age. This tirth presents ancient idols of gods and goddesses, yaksas and yaksinis. Their artistic styles are varied. Pavilion and pillars are splendid specimens of sculpture. On the hills, there are 31 large temples. In all the temples, there are ancient specimens of distinct art. There is also a stone inscription with carvings in eighteen scripts.

This is the only place where one can find 40 Jain temples and 29 'manastambhas', all of which are centuries old. The temples belong to 'Gupta', 'Gurjar', 'Pratihar' and 'Chandel' era. Few temples are on the adjoining hill, while others are on the river bank.

It is an ancient place and famous for its historical idols made in different styles. They shows the ancient art of Indian culture. On the hill 31 big temples are present in Kanali Durg. A pillar containing holy information in 18 different ancient languages is the main attraction of this place. Apart from the jin temple, Dasavtar mandir situated at a distance of 13 kms, is also attractive point to see the ancient Indian art.

Speciality of Jain Teerth

    Apart from ancient ness this teerth place is famous for the different qualities & arts of statues. The proves of best ancient Indian craft arts are seen engraved on the inscriptions, Jin idols, idols of Yaksh-Yakshinis, pillars and the battlement of the temples. 31 temples consisting best qualities of arts are present on the hill. An inscription called as Gyanshilalekh is present in twelfth temple on which 18 different scripts have been engraved. It is said that these are the scripts including Brahmi and Dravidian languages studied by Brahmi, the daughter of Bhagwan Adinath. The idol of Shri Parshwanath Bhagwan present in 6th temple does not have Sharp Fan (Snake head) on it, but two snakes are seen on both sides of the idol. The idol of Bahubali Bhagwan in 11th temple is said to make of 11th century. The 13th temple consists of idols with idols having 18 types of hair designing.

Historical Details

    Thousands of years ago Savars ruled this place. The Pandvas, the Sahars, the Gond, the Gupts, the Dev, the Chandels, the Mughals, the Bundelas, King of Sindhiya and lastly English empire ruled this place in later days. As per the inscription belonging to Gurjar king Bhojdev, the ruler during VS 919, this place was known as Luatchhgiri. Vatsraj, the minister in the ministry of Chandel king Keerti Verma has built a fort here and called this place as Keertigiri following his emperors name. It was during 12th or 13th century when this place was named Devgarh, a place constructed by Devtas or a place having many Dev idols. Many among the present idols are seems to be make of beyond Gupts period.

Management Dharamshala

    Uttar Pradesh government has its own tourism bunglow at Devgarh. In the basement of Devgarh hill a dharmashala is available having facility of only water and cooking accessaries.

Other Information

Post Office : Jakhlon

Tehsil :Lalitpur

District :Jhansi

State : Uttar Pradesh

How to Travel:

Road RouteJhansi being famous for the fort of Rani Laxmibai.It is linked with entire nation by road as wll as rail route. Pilgrims could reach here via Lalitpur station, which is 31 kms away from this holy place. Buses and taxi are available at alitpur station. The vehicles reaches easily on the hill. Devgarh is at a distance of 106 kms from Jhansi station.

Railway Station Lalitpur Station

Sealdah-Mughal Sarai Exp. 3133 7:24 7:26 Daily
Mughal Sarai-Sealdah Exp. 3134 23:24 23:26 Daily
Howrah-Darbhanga Exp. 209 22:32 22:34 Daily
Howrah-Mokama Fast Pass. 211 0:44 0:46 Daily
Rampur-Gaya Pass. 805 13:30 13:32 Daily
Darbhanga-Howrah Pass. 210 9:43 9:45 Daily
Jabalpur-Rampur Fast Pass. 808 13:22 13:24 Daily
Mokama-Howrah Fast Pass. 212 20:23 20:25 Daily
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