Pavapuri Jain Tirth

    Pawapuri or Pavapuri is also called Apapuri is situated 8 kms from Bihar Sarif and 31 km Rajgir.By road it is 87 km from Patna. It is located on Bahktiapur - Rajgir railway line. Buses and taxies also run from Rajgir to Pawapri. Pawapuri also known as Apapuri is a scared Jain pilgrimage. Lord Mahavira, the final Tirthankara of Jainism, breathed his last at this place, and was cremated here around 500 B.C

    Having attained omniscience (Kevala- nana) on the bank of Rju-kula and after preaching the principle of Jainism through his divine voice (divya-dhvani), Lord Mahavira toured over different areas of the country and propounded the religious doctrines.

    Afterwards he reached Pavapuri and seated himself on a clan or pure slab of stone in a park studded with many ponds. He did not move out for two days; and plunged in pure meditation (sukla-dhyana). He quitted the mortal coil and became a Siddha in the last quarter of the night of the 14th day of the black half of the month of Kartika. This is described in the Maha-purna of Puspadanta. The Uttara- purana too describe this episode.

    For these references it is clear that Lord Mahavira attained nirvana in a park, near Pavapuri, round about which there were many pounds or lakes.

    At present the site of the nirvana of Mahavira is accepted near Bihar- Sherif where a magnifificent Jaina temple stands in the centre of a big lake. This is accepted as the tirtha- ksetra on all hands. Both the sects, Digambra and Svetambra, have voluntarily accepted this place as the spot of the nirvana of Mahavira

    A marble temple, the Jalmandir, was later built in the middle of the tank. Here Lord Mahavira attained salvation sitting on a padmasana. Another beautiful Jain temple of white marble called Samosharan is located at this place. Lord Mahavira had delivered his sermon here.The best time time to visit Pawapuri is between October and March.


    Pavapuri known as Pava and Apapapuri was a city in ancient times forming a part of Magadh territory. Nearly 2500 years ago during the reign of Ajathashatru, Hastipal was the king of this city. of Magadh Desh. At that time Bhagwan Mahavir walking from Champapuri had arrived here and was spending his “Chaturmas” at the Rajjugashala of king Hastipal.

    In the morning of Karthik Krishna 14,the final sermon of Lord Mahavir commenced in the presence of nine kings of Malla dynasty, nine kings of Lichchhavi dynasty and many other devotees. After speaking for 16 “prahars “ explaining “Uttaradhyayan Sutra” Bhagwan finally attained Moksha during Swati Constellation in the last moments of the last “Prahar” of the Amavasya night. God led by Indra celebrated this occasion of beneficence as “Nirvan kalnayak”.

    According to Digamber Jains’ tradition, Sri Bhagwan attained Moksha in the last moments of the last “prahar” on Karthik Krishna 14 and therefore they celebrate this 14th day as the day of Moksha and in obeisance offer Laddos in the Lake-temple. The Swetamber followers celebrate the 15th day by holding a festival and on that night in the last moments of the last “prahar” offer Laddus.

Facilities and Accomodation

    New Samosaran temple of Swetamber ccommodations is available with all facilities. In the city temple there is a Bhojanshala for meals.

    Near Digamber temple there is also a Digamber dharamshala with all facilities and a Bhojanshala

Other Information

Shree Pavapuri Tirth - Jeev Maitridham,

Krishnaganj, Kandla - Delhi Highway,

National Highway No.8,

Pavapuri, Dist. Sirohi,Rajasthan - 307001

Telephone: +91 2972-286866, 91 9799399111

Fax: +91 2972-286814

Email: [email protected]

How to Travel:

Shree Pavapuri Tirth Jiv Matri Dham is located adjacent to the sacred town of Malgaon that is blessed with the divine grace of Shree Mahavir, the 24th Tirthankara.

The temple is situated at a distance of 57 kilometers from Abu Road Railway Station and at about 22 kilometers along the Sirohi - Deesa - Kandla highway from the Sirohi District centre.

How to Travel:
Other Details :

57 kms from the Abu Road Railway Station

22 kms along the Sirohi - Deesa - Kandla

145 kms from Udaipur Airport (3 hrs drive)

200 kms from Jodhpur Airport

250 kms from Ahmedabad Airport (3 hrs drive on Express Highway)

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